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Case against MERS reaches Supreme Court

The doctrine of stare decisis is that there is a strong presumption against overturning Supreme Court decisions. In practice, cases are usually only overruled if there are significant factual changes,

Even if Mr. Gunn’s claims do present a question of law or fact in common with the State’s case, granting the Motion is inappropriate, because it will "unduly delay or prejudice the adjudication" of the State’s case against MERS. Mr. Gunn "believes that there are additional parties that must be added" to the case, and has made clear that he will.

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WASHINGTON – The rulings by the Supreme Court on. “No one can accuse this court of having a crabbed view of its reach or.

A benefits claimant with mental health problems has won his argument in the first case of its kind in Supreme Court. A.

What It's Like Being A Supreme Court Justice In the absence of answers from either defendant, the trial court entered default judgment against Kesler and Millennia on September 6, 2006. The trial court then filed an order of sale on September 29, 2006. Notice of the sale was initially published in the Dodge City Daily Globe on October 4, 2006.

 · Alabama Supreme Court Issues Three Significant Decisions Concerning Law Of Foreclosure And Ejectment. The circuit court granted summary judgment (dismissed the case without trial) in GMACM’s favor, but the court of civil appeals reversed, holding that (1) proof of a valid foreclosure is a jurisdictional element to an ejectment action and (2).

California bankruptcy court rules against MERS. In that case, the Court of Appeals of the 4th Appellate District said the language in a deed of trust gives MERS the authority to initiate a foreclosure. The Gomes decision "validates the MERS process" in nonjudicial states," A MERS spokesperson said at the time of that decision.

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Mers raises four issues for our review, but because we are required to remand the case to the trial court, we discuss only two:[1] 1) whether the issuance of a search warrant for Mers’s vehicle was supported by an adequate probable cause affidavit, and 2) whether the defendant was tried by a fair and impartial jury?

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