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Docutech adds Editor functionality to Solex eSign

Solex eSign Editor makes the process. easier and more intuitive for the originator and the client alike. "With Docutech, we’re able to provide our borrowers a more streamlined, convenient, and modern, digital way to interact with us," said Mike. Hole, senior vice president and CIO for Cherry Creek Mortgage.

Cloudvirga will also offer Docutech’s Solex(TM) eSign and eDelivery functionality. Solex enables borrowers to compliantly review and sign documents using any web-enabled device. When paper delivery of the loan package is required, ConformX print and mail fulfillment service will ensure documents are delivered in the required timeframes.

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Now, with Solex eSign Editor, you can seamlessly add your own documents to any eSign packages generated through ConformX document engine and then edit and enable those documents for the borrower(s) to eSign, and you can even add text fields and check box options. With Solex eSign, lenders can:

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Docutech, the leading provider of document, eSign, eClose and print fulfillment technology, has been featured in HousingWire’s Tech100 listing for its Solex eClosing solution, marking the fourth time the company has been a recipient of the award.

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Leveraging Docutech’s Solex platform for eDelivery, lenders like Finance of America Mortgage are able to review loan documents at their own pace in advance of the closing ceremony to gain a.

DOWNLOAD SOLEX ESIGN SOLUTION BRIEF. Integrated with ConfromX, Solex provides secure document delivery, a simplified signing process and a robust audit trail with tamper-proof signature evidence that meets UETA and ESIGN requirements. Now, with Solex eSign Editor, you can seamlessly add your own documents to any eSign packages generated.

Accessibility-How to make your signature Electronic and insert it into a Document Docutech, the leading provider of document, eSign, eClosing, and compliance technology for mortgage, home equity and consumer lending, today announced that its Solex eClosing and eVault solution.

Docutech, the leading provider of document, eSign, eClose, and print fulfillment technology, today announced its new Editor functionality for Solex eSign, the technology provider’s all-in-one eSignature solution. With Solex’s new Editor features, lenders can save time and expenses while.

Company Overview. DocuTech Corporation provides compliance and documentation technology solutions for the mortgage industry in the United States. It offers ConformX, a Web-based enterprise solution that transforms an Internet connection into a loan origination or closing office. The company also provides high cost loan and predatory lending checks;

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