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Is the foreclosure war over?

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The Foreclosure Wars Are Over..And The Fascists Have Won..(surprised?) The announcement yesterday that Florida’s attorney general pam Bondi has dropped the remaining investigations into the foreclosure mills , the (sewer) service of process companies and the (forged) document production factories provides a clear opportunity to state what.

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Jacob McGreevey lost his house to foreclosure while on his third tour of. four years in Afghanistan and Iraq war zones, the fight wasn’t over. The bidding war is back. While not every local real estate market is experiencing bidding wars, some homebuyers find themselves competing for houses because there aren’t many for sale in their markets.

Most people think that as soon as you receive a foreclosure notice, you’ve pretty much lost your home. This is simply not true. The foreclosure notice is the first step in a process that may take weeks or months to unfold. By understanding the foreclosure process, you can often gain more control over the outcome.

A foreclosure auction is a public sale of a property that is being sold because its previous owner failed to pay back a debt. In most cases, foreclosures happen when a homeowner defaults on payments of their mortgage loan. However, a foreclosure auction can be called for if the homeowner owes a government tax debt as well.

it may very well make sense for you to "roll the dice" and try to collect the excess proceeds that are generated through the tax foreclosure and auction process. The real beauty behind this strategy is that you don’t have to do anything to sell your property.

How to Win foreclosure auctions: 5 tips For Victory By Angela Colley | Feb 10, 2015 If you’re looking to buy a foreclosure property, a foreclosure auction should be your first stop.

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