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Key takeaways for homebuyers now that interest rates are rising

The Upside of Rising Interest Rates. While a mortgage rate hike could make owning a home more expensive, rising rates can be beneficial to some homebuyers. There’s no direct relationship between mortgage rates and home prices. But when interest rates increase, home sales can fall.

Here are some key takeaways from this quarter’s report: The first-time homebuyer market is no longer cyclically depressed; the period of rapid growth is over. Homes sold to first-time homebuyers declined year over year for the first time since the first quarter of 2014.

One of the key sectors this could move is banks, which tend to profit more when interest rates get higher. And the stock prices from an investment standpoint are based on what the market expects to.

Key takeaways for homebuyers now that interest rates are rising December 18th, 2015 4:38 PM by Herold Pierre As the industry adjusts to the Federal Open Market Committee’s announcement that it is raising the federal funds rate for the first time since June 2006, homebuyers also need to asses what this means for them.

The map below shows the increase in monthly mortgage payments new home buyers can expect in a year, how that increase translates into common household expenses and the share of the overall increase that is attributable to rising interest rates alone (as opposed to higher home values).

KEY TAKEAWAYS . With a better-than-expected jobs report and above-trend wage growth in August, the path is clear for a rate increase later this month. A key question now is whether the Fed should approve another rate bump in December. One reason to think twice about a fourth rate hike in 2018 is the flattening Treasury yield curve.

It stands now as the dominant player in Las Vegas. These questions are raised: Will rising rates force it to refinance and extend maturities at an ever-increasing ramp-up of rates?.

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