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State of New York accuses Evans Bank of redlining

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Evans Bank also clustered its branches in predominantly white neighborhoods, according to prosecutors. Of its 14 branches throughout New York State, 11 were in Buffalo’s suburbs, which largely consist of white borrowers.

Evans Bank Settles New York ‘Redlining’ Lawsuit Evans Bancorp reached an $825,000 settlement with Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman of New York after it was accused by the state of.

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Regional New York bank Evans Bancorp was accused of illegally discriminating against African-Americans in Buffalo by denying them mortgages in a lawsuit filed by the state’s attorney general on.

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The settlement concludes a year-long litigation, commenced by the Attorney General against Evans in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York, alleging that Evans had systematically denied its mortgages and services to African-Americans in the Buffalo metro area.

 · Evans Bank Settles New York ‘Redlining’ Lawsuit Evans Bancorp reached an $825,000 settlement with Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman of New York State after it was accused by the state of discriminatory lending practices.

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New York’s Evans Bank accused of denying loans to African-Americans. The lawsuit accuses Evans Bank of using redlining practices in violation of the Fair Housing Act, a federal law, since at least 2009. It calls for a jury trial, and for the court to order the bank to change its practices and pay a fine.

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New York Accuses Evans Bank of Redlining [NYTimes.com] Samantha sangenito aces connection staff 9/3/14 4:00 AM Drawn in thick marker along the map of upstate New York, the line snaked down the Niagara River and zigzagged east to outline a swath of Buffalo and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Tim Wise - Black History Month Keynote Speech BUFFALO – A bank purposely avoided giving mortgages to African-Americans by locating all of its branches outside black neighborhoods and directing advertising and loan products toward largely.

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