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Tech snafu, improper foreclosure affidavit lead to sanctions for LPS

How to Find and Buy a Foreclosed Home Thousands of Foreclosure Judgments Are VOID But Courts Will. – A constant theme I hammer on in this blog is that this wave of foreclosures is making a mess of our judicial system.In a perceived need to rush through the foreclosure "crisis", (a crisis created by the parties who are demanding an unreasonable share of scare judicial resources), the lenders and their millionaire foreclosure mills are ignoring long-established rules of professional ethics.

News related To Mortgage and Foreclosure Fraud – As I stated in my october 29 letter, "it is improper for the plaintiff to ask the court to ratify a foreclosure judgment based on a false affidavit after the fact by simply substituting or supplementing what plaintiff now claims is a proper affidavit."

Sanctions | FORECLOSURE FRAUD | by DinSFLA – Again, according to the Trustee, "The respondents’ [LPS and Boles] representations were not well grounded in fact, were made in bad faith to avoid potential liability, and have resulted in unnecessarily protracted discovery and litigation concerning their roles involved with the 2d MFR and false affidavit."

ATTORNEY SANCTIONED FOR FRIVOLOUS APPEAL – Princenthal & May, LLC – ATTORNEY SANCTIONED FOR FRIVOLOUS APPEAL. The court noted Defendant Pendergast had presented the affidavit of one of its employees who was CitiMortgage’s foreclosure attorney. The attorney stated in the affidavit that notice had been sent to Essien. Because Essien failed to respond to the motion for summary judgment presented in the trial court,

Mortgage delinquency rate drops 18.4% annually: LPS The rate of serious delinquency is still high, threatening to unleash a slew of new foreclosures. Foreclosure cure rates are dropping.. LPS Mortgage Monistor 2 / Here are the worst states. LPS.

Foreclosure REVERSED! Improper business records! – Foreclosure REVERSED! Improper business records! Charles H. Channell, Jr., challenges the final judgment of foreclosure entered by the trial court following a bench trial. He asserts numerous issues, including the sufficiency of Deutsche bank national trust Company’s evidentiary foundation for.

OHIO FRAUDclosure: February 2012 – Mr Jack Wright provides homeowners one of the best and most informative web-sites to research, study, and discuss FRAUDclosure. The web-site (MSFRAUD) even has a forum in which readers can interact and connect with others similarly situated.Along with a "legal lounge" and video links the site has an armament of other tools to assist in the battle against the FRAUDclosure machine.

LPS | Livinglies's Weblog – The federal banking agencies today fined servicelink holdings, LLC (ServiceLink Holdings), $65 million for improper actions by its predecessor company, Lender Processing Services, Inc. (LPS), which resulted in significant deficiencies in the foreclosure-related services that LPS provided to mortgage servicers.

Homebuilder confidence experiences largest one-month gain in a decade Senate bill requires response to short sale requests within 75 days The person allowing this outrage to go on is Senate president peter courtney. You can, and should, contact him here. This is not the end of it. Floyd Prozanski is planning another anti-gun bill to be.

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