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One of the best mortgage lenders in the US is the Prodigy Lending team. This group has professionals who represent every part of the US and who are dedicated to providing the best quality mortgage solution to our clients. Our experts’ core intention is to provide our clients with the best services that meet their own individual needs. Through our professionals, you’ll be guided to select the best mortgage solution at an affordable cost. Our solutions are designed to respond to the various needs of our clients that include buying of high-class properties, mortgage refinancing, credit consolidation, and home purchase. When you contact us, you’ll be assigned a mortgage professional who will assist you to select the best product that meets your needs at an affordable cost.


We respond to Fort Worth home loan requirements by providing our clients with various kinds of mortgage solutions including:


In case your credit scores are high and credit history pristine, you qualify for our Fort Worth home loan conventional mortgage. The highlights of this loan include low down payment of 3%, highly friendly loan terms, and lender fee waiver.


One of our Fort Worth bad credit home loans Is an FHA loan. The mortgage requires a low down payment of 3.5%, has competitive rates, and accommodates higher debt to income ratios. You’ll be offered a repair credit.


We provide the best VA mortgage for both active personnel and veterans of the military. You don’t need any down payment nor mortgage insurance when applying for this mortgage. You can easily qualify for this loan which is highly affordable and which can be closed affordably.


Designed to support rural folks, this mortgage is the best because it doesn’t require any down payment, has affordable mortgage insurance and its rates are low.

The Prodigy Lending team is committed to offering the best services to all our clients. Our aim is to create strong bonds with all our clients so that they keep coming to us whenever they need mortgage solutions. Our level of integrity unquestionable as we do not reveal all the information offered to us by customers. We have the best name within the lending industry. Get in touch with us today via a call or visit our site and reach us through the various access points. We are always determined to assist you when you come to us.

Recognized and Winning Team

When you require a recognized team that has won awards for the last eight years contact Prodigy Lending. We have been awarded for being the best workplace group in the US. We are excited about this recognition and promise to retain our position and status for many years to come.

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