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The Prodigy Lending Group comprises committed mortgage professionals who are dedicated to offering you high-quality mortgage products that are designed to meet your needs. Our professionals who are sourced from every part of the US ensure that clients are supported to identify what they require at an affordable rate. We offer home loan solutions that are meant to meet various client needs including Mortgage refinancing, purchase of dream properties, and loan consolidations. Our mortgage professionals are always ready to help you find a mortgage solution to meet your unique financial needs.


We offer a variety of mortgage solutions that are meant to satisfy each of our client’s unique needs. The qualification for a home loan in Forth Worth is tight. However, we provide various types of mortgages that you can easily qualify for. Our mortgages products include conventional home credit, USDA loans, VA mortgages, and FHA loans.


Our conventional home loans are affordable for those who have attained minimum scores. You’re only required to put down at least 3% of the total loan amount. Our conventional loan terms are flexible and we have waived all lender fees.


In case you require home loans for bad credit in Forth Worth, choose our FHA mortgage. The mortgage is affordable, requires a low down payment and has a higher debt to income ratio. We also offer you a repair loan that can improve your credit. We’re the best in offering Fort Worth bad credit home loans.


Our active members of the military and veterans can benefit from our VA loan which does not require down payment, no mortgage insurance, easy to qualify, rock bottom closing expenses and low rates.


Our USDA loan has low rates, benefits rural dwellers, no down payment and is paid at an affordable rate. The mortgage insurance is low.

We are always committed to offering our clients the best solutions that will satisfy their needs. This will also enable them to make us their one-stop-shop for all their mortgage needs. We also ensure that all the information that our clients share with us is kept tightly and is not shared with any unauthorized individuals or entities. Our name is held in high esteem within the mortgage industry. You can contact us today via a call or reach us through various interactive points on our site. We shall be glad to provide you the help that you deserve.


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The Prodigy Lending is highly recognized and has won awards for the last eight years for being the workplace in the US. We’re proud of this recognition and promise to always strive to be the best workplaces.

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