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When you’re in need of Forth Worth home loans, you require the best lender who is keen to assist you to find what you require at affordable prices. The attributes listed above apply to the Prodigy Lending team. The Prodigy Lending team was created to provide clients with the best solutions that meet their mortgage needs. We have a team of mortgage experts whose main agenda is to offer you’re the best solutions as per your needs and expectations. Our solutions are designed for all clients including those in need of bad credit home loans in Forth Worth. Our professionals will assist you to pinpoint the best and affordable mortgage solution. Our home loan solutions respond to various client wants including the purchase of new homes, refinancing their existing loans, loan combination, and buying of high-end properties. We shall offer you the support that you require to identify the best mortgage solution at an affordable rate.


To serve our clients well, we deal with various kinds of mortgages that are listed and explained below.


Our conventional loan is affordable, requires a low down payment and doesn’t carry lender fees. You qualify for this mortgage if your credit history is perfect and your scores are high.


For customers who require a bad credit home loan in Fort Worth, your best option is an FHA mortgage. What makes it the best for you is: affordable rate, low down payment, provision of restorative loan and higher DTI.


Do you work with the military? Are you a veteran? In case your answer is yes to any of the questions, then you qualify for a VA loan. It’s affordable, requires no down payment, and closing expenditure is low.


Do you want to buy property in the rural area but lack funds? Come for a USDA mortgage that has low rates, requires no down payment and has affordable mortgage cover. 

The aim of Prodigy Lending is to form durable links with all our clients by offering them personalized and affordable solutions. Our aim is to wow our clients with mortgage solutions that meet their needs so that they continue coming to us for a long period of time. We ensure that we keep all client information in safe custody and we don’t allow any third party to access it. We are a premier and highly respected lender. Feel free to call us or contact us through our platform. We promise to offer you a great service.


When you choose Prodigy Lending it’s important to understand that you’re working with an awarding winning team that is dedicated at providing the best workplaces in the US.

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