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The Prodigy Lending professionals are committed to offering high-quality mortgage products using a team of mortgage experts which is drawn from all areas of the US. Our committed professionals are ready at any time to assist you to identify the best product at affordable prices and which meets your needs. We respond to the various needs of our clients by providing them the right products that they require. We work closely with clients who are in need of buying a new home, mortgage refinances, debt consolidation or those who want to purchase premier properties. Through our team of highly experienced professionals, you will be assisted to identify the right loan at the rock bottom price.


Our company offers the best Forth Worth home loans. We specialize in various types of mortgages which include: Conventional Mortgages,  FHA home loans, VA loans, and USDA mortgages.


We offer the best conventional Forth Worth home loan. The loan demands a low down payment of 3%, its terms are flexible,  and comes with affordable rates. Furthermore, our conventional loan does not contain any lender fees.


We provide the best FHA loan with the following features:  affordable down payment of 3.5%, easy qualification criteria, low rates, the possibility of a repair credit and higher DTI.


In case you’re a veteran or working with the military presence, our VA mortgage is designed to cater to your needs. Key features of the mortgage include no down payment required, simple qualification, affordable closing expenses, affordable interest rates, and fully financed.


This is the best loan for people staying in the rural areas of the US. The loan does not demand any down payment, its rate is affordable and has affordable mortgage insurance.


Our intention is to offer the best products and superior client care so that our clients always depend on us for their mortgage needs. Furthermore, our integrity is intact and always keep client information safely. Unlike our rivals who may reveal client information to third parties, we don’t do so. Our brand is highly respected within the industry. Call us today and share with one of our experts about your mortgage needs. You may also get in touch with us through our interactive points found on our site. We’re always eager to offer you the support you require.

The Prodigy Lending Is Award Winning Team

At Prodigy Lending, we have always been winning awards for being the best workplaces in the US. We are truly humbled by this recognition and promise that we shall continue being the best workplaces.

Our Rates are Affordable

We provide various home loans for both purchases and refinancing at competitive rates. Contact us today for more information.

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