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In Fort Worth, Prodigy Lending is the leading private institution offering Fort Worth home loans. Our main objective is to offer outstanding services to our clients. Prodigy Lending offers very many home loan Fort Worth TX programs in the United Stages. Most programs offered have very low-interest rates for clients with good credit scores. These programs also require a considerable down payment to be made but have flexible and affordable repayment terms. Prodigy lending has a lending team that offers great services to our clients in Fort Worth. The professional home loan officers have gained enough knowledge for many years thus they will ensure that you receive the best and most ideal Fort Worth home loan package for your needs in regard to your current financial situation. 

The lending team provides all home loans Fort Worth TX program available they will give you their details and their requirements. They will take you through the approval process after you have determined the most ideal home loan program. Prodigy offers many Fort Worth home loans that can be used to finance various tasks. You can carry out a home refurbishment task to increase the value of your home that will come in handy when you want to sell the house. Here are some home loan Fort Worth TX programs offered by Prodigy Lending. 

FHA Home Loans

Here, you are required to save a down payment of 3.5 percent to eligible for this Home loan Fort Worth TX program. These loans are easy to qualify since they are insured by the government. These loans can be used as rehab loans. 

VA Home Loans

These Fort Worth home loan programs are specifically designed for the armed forces. Retired veterans can also qualify for these loans. They do not require a down payment thus financing is made 100 percent. They have lower closing costs and they do not require home loan Fort Worth TX insurance. 

Conventional Home Loans

Prodigy Lending offers these loans whereby, they require a minimal down payment of 3 percent. However, if you are able to raise 20 percent of the down payment, you will have very flexible repayment terms. Most people tend to get attracted to these Fort Worth home loans due to the down payment but the Prodigy Lending team will be able to help you determine if they are safe for you depending on your current financial situation. These loans are offered with very flexible terms whereby you can choose a short term of ten years of a long term of thirty years. According to your financial situation, the lending term will help you determine the right term that is manageable. They have a lower PMI as compared to FHA Fort Worth home loans. Finally, consider your credit scores to determine whether you are eligible for home loans Fort Worth TX and the interest rate you can receive from prodigy lending. 

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