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Prodigy Lending offers various Fort Worth home loans such as VA home loans designed for the armed forces and retired veterans, FHA home loans, conventional home loans, USDA home loans amongst other programs. Our lending team will table all these programs and offer clear details of Fort Worth home loan requirements. The lending team will work hand in hand in order to determine the most ideal offer for you that has affordable repayment terms and reduced interest rates. Generally, other mortgages lenders do not offer much help thus you end up selecting a wrong package that will affect your loan later. First time home buyers should avoid carry out the entire process alone since it is tedious and there are very many factors that must be keenly observed. Thus you will get lost along the way and fall for a wrong Fort Worth home loan program. 

If you select a home loan package that does not offer flexible terms and has high-interest rates, you stand at high chances of defaulting your repayments. There are several consequences that are implemented if you default your repayments. If you are unable to meet your home loan Fort Worth TX repayments, this will lead to a foreclosure of the property. If a foreclosure occurs, valuable assets used as collateral may be taken by the lender to service the remaining loan amount or the currently bought house put back to a resale at a lower selling price which is equivalent to the remaining amount of the loan. 

A foreclosure will negatively affect your credit life whereby you will require another period of three years to get eligible for other home loans Fort Worth TX. Prodigy Lending advises and ensures that you get the most ideal program with a reduced interest rate in regard to your current credit life. You should be careful with loan programs that have floating interest rates. Our loan officers will make you understand about floating interest rates. These are interest rates that change with market conditions. They are not the best Fort Worth home loans since the interest rates might have a sharp rise which will make you pay very high repayment terms. 

On the other hand for home loans Fort Worth TX, there are programs that have fixed interest rates. They may be considered better as compared to floating rates since the repayment terms are constant. However, they are provided at a higher figure since they are fixed. They can be subjected to change during the agreed time in the agreement. Prodigy Lending offers these and many more types that may work best for your financial condition. The lending team will guide you towards the right Fort Worth home loan program. Just make a call and get directed to the lending team. 

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