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About The Best Lending Team

When you require a Fort Worth home loan, contact Prodigy Lending Team. This group is made up of mortgage professionals who come from every part of the US. Our team is determined to deliver high-quality products that are designed to meet each of our client’s needs. We offer the best mortgage solutions at affordable rates to meet all the financial needs of each of our clients. Our professionals will offer you the help that you require to identify the mortgage product that meets your needs. Our solutions cater to various client needs including home loan refinancing, purchasing of new homes, buying of premier properties and consolidating your mortgages. Be sure to get assistance from our highly qualified credit personnel.


We carry different mortgage solutions that are meant to meet the various needs of our clients. Find detailed information about our different products below:


This is the best mortgage for clients who have attained credit requirements. The down payment is affordable at 3%, the loan terms are accommodating, and there is no lender fee.


For clients in need of home loans for bad credit in Fort Worth, the FHA mortgage is best for you. The mortgage has a low down payment, low rates and friendly to people with higher debt to income ratio. In case you require a restorative loan, you will be offered.


People who work with the military and the veterans qualify for home loans in Fort Worth. The VA is the best for you because of its zero down payment, does away with mortgage insurance, has competitive rates and it’s closing costs are low.


The USDA mortgage has low rates, requires zero down payment and its mortgage insurance is low. You qualify for this loan if you stay in rural areas of the US.

At Prodigy Lending, our motto is to keep offering our clients the best products that meet their mortgage needs. Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop for all our clients’ mortgage requirements. We ensure that all the information that the client shares with us is kept in safe custody and does not leak to malicious individuals. We are a highly regarded brand with the finance industry. Talk to us today by either calling or contacting us through our website. We shall offer you the best service that you require.


For the past eight years, Prodigy Lending has won awards for being the best workplaces in the US. Our promise is to keep on improving and retaining this position.

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