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About Us

Simply stated, Prodigy Lending is the best private home loan lender in the United States offering the best products in the market. We are spread across the country including Fort Worth where we excel in the provision of affordable Fort Worth home loans to residents. We pride ourselves in the caliber of highly qualified home loan professionals that we have on our staff. This super team has an excellent understanding of the unique requirements for home loans in Fort Worth and offers valuable guidance to first-time homebuyers seeking loans. We also have the best and lowest interest rates on Fort Worth home loans that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Prodigy Lending Fort Worth Offers Government Loans

FHA Loans in Fort Worth

  • Less stringent qualification rules and a low 3.5% Down Payment  
  • Low-Interest Rates though one must meet Debt-to-Income ratio for eligibility
  • Subsidiary loans available for home improvements


Fort Worth VA Home Loan Program

  • Best Government loan with no down payment 
  • Mortgage Insurance zero-rated and Closing fees much lower
  • Preferential qualification for military staff only


USDA Rural and Suburban Home loans

  • Full financing with no Down payment and very attractive low-Interest rates
  • Very low Insurance cost 
  • Strict Income limits and approved Home location 

Fort Worth Standard Home Loans

  • Negotiable Down Payment starting at 3.0% with better PMI than FHA Loans
  • Multiple term options – 10, 15, 20 and 30-year plans
  • Better Interest Rates on approved scores and Lenders may waive their Fees!

Prodigy Lending enjoys high credibility and good standing in the Fort Worth lending community because of our privacy policy. We protect this jealously always keeping our client records confidential. This has ensured client loyalty and long-term relationship that we are proud to sustain.

Residents seeking Fort Worth home loan requirements should feel free to call or visit our offices to get help from our loan experts. Better still, one can interact over our website at their convenience. Get in touch today and plan for your new home!

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It takes a Top Work Place to offer a Top Quality service. This is our professional standard and we base our service delivery on it as this award confirms for the eighth time.

Prodigy Lending the Mortgage Lender of choice

How can I get a home loan in Fort Worth? If that is your question then Prodigy Lending is the lender of choice. We have a large selection of Fort Worth home loans to offer and our professional team will help you qualify for home loans in Fort Worth even with a poor credit score. We calculate our interest rates using daily market information thus providing the lowest rates possible. Please ask for a no-obligation quote from our offices to get a better understanding of this format.

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