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Nothing beats the feeling of security one gets living in his or her own home and every citizen aspires to buy one. The problem is that homes do not come cheap and one requires huge sums of money to purchase a house, something that is not easily achievable by an average citizen. Prodigy Lending offers a solution to such citizens through multiple Fort Worth home loans that are developed with every category of the homebuyer in mind. Prodigy Lending is a premier private home loan lender with a footprint across the United States including Fort Worth offering home purchase loans. Our highly qualified mortgage experts assist many first time homebuyers to meet the necessary qualification for a home loan in Fort Worth without stress.

Government-Backed Fort Worth home Loans through Prodigy: 


Federal Housing Administration Home Loans

  • The best package for first time home buyers and those with low credit scores.
  • Easy qualification requirements with a recommended down payment of 3.5%
  • Flexible interest rates plus options for home improvement loans


USDA Suburban Home Loans

  • Very attractive terms meant to motivate rural settlement
  • Fully financed with no down payment and mortgage insurance
  • Must meet income limits and houses must be located in a USDA approved area.


Veterans Home Loans

  • Reserved for US military personnel and their spouses only
  • No down payment and no mortgage insurance
  • Minimum closing costs


Conventional Home Loans

  • Standard credit score requirements plus a 3% Down Payment
  • Good interest rates and no lender commissions
  • Better PMI and terms of 10 to 30 years.


As we help homebuyers qualify for home loans in Fort Worth, we also encourage long-term relationships beyond the first loan. Besides offering excellent home loan products, we treat our clients with respect and protect their privacy earning Prodigy Lending a trusted name and reputation in the Fort Worth home loan community.

Please call us today and get valuable information and assistance from our loan officers. You may also visit our offices or our website, but do so today and you will be glad you did!


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We have dominated this award for eight years because we are the best and offer the best. At Prodigy Lending we set the standards for others to follow.

Best Interest Rates for Low-income Borrowers

Interest rates are what attract homebuyers seeking bad credit home loans in Fort Worth to Prodigy Lending. We have the lowest interest rates on home loans in Fort Worth calculated in a unique way using daily performance indicators on the property market. This helps a borrower with low income to pay his or her home loan with less difficulty. We urge you to contact our loan officers for a quick quote to see how our interest rates are designed for your benefit.

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